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SEO & Content Strategy

Outrank Your Competitors Create Compelling Content Boost with WPP Succeed Intentionally

SEO - Why?

There are three sources of inbound traffic for businesses.

  1. Social media
  2. Word of mouth
  3. Search engine (SEO)

Regarding #3, there are billions of searches conducted in a day. You have to be there too.


SEO - Target

  • Understand your target audience
  • Target your online efforts
  • BE FOUND on Google

You are already blogging. Why not take the extra step and blog so that your content can show up on search results?


SEO - Execute

Go beyond just targeting keywords. That’s for amateurs.

Learn about

  • Content strategy
  • Building of trust
  • Measuring of results

It’s not guesswork. These are proven strategies trusted by the industry’s most respected photographers.

Outrank Your Competitors

Even if you know SEO strategies, without a strong PageRank (PR), you’ll stay behind.

Here’s where WPP could help

FOUND: Be Discovered by Those Who Matter

  • Introduction
  • What is SEO
  • Components of a Webpage (Public and Hidden)
  • Components of Search Results
  • Applying SEO Strategies Part 1 – Implementation
  • Applying SEO Strategies Part 2 – Advanced
  • Other SEO Factors
  • Measure / Analytics
  • Checklist
  • Boost Your Ranking

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About Us

As part of any SEO efforts, powerful links to your site is the foundation to building PageRank (better ranking). Unfortunately, for photographers, how could you get links from other photographers (competitors)?

Therefore, in order to get an edge, WPP was designed by the photography industry’s premier marketing strategist, Lawrence Chan of Tofurious.

  • SEO Consultation

    We offer Skype Video and Desktop Share services – optimizing your site, while you watch and learn.

  • SEO Linking

    Get boosts from a variety of powerful photography-related websites.

  • 📷

    Unlimited Guest Blogs

    Guest blog and link back to your own website!

  • Content Strategy

    Learn to produce appealing content to build trust, relationships and evangelism with your clients.

What others say about us

Since our Skype session, we have moved to Page 1 from 5+ on many of the search strings. That is just based on what Lawrence did during the session. Wow!

Gary Smith

Lawrence Chan aka Tofurious rocks my world! If you are a creative and aren’t following him, reading his books + blog, YOU SHOULD BE.

Ashleigh Henning

I took 5 Platform Classes, 2 Master Classes and 2 workshops while at WPPI. I can honestly say that I got the most out of yours.

Content marketing is now at the top of my list to implement, and having understandable ways to deliver it is bound to make a big difference in my business.

Thanks Lawrence – your class was fantastic! And you are adorable.

Jen Swedhin

Great WPPI presentation on Content Strategy. Thanks so much for all of the valuable info … I ran out of paper!!

Daniel Kramer

Quite possibly the BEST presentation I’ve had so far at WPPI! Thank you so much for the book! It’s AWESOME! Thank you for all of your wonderful advice. I am working on implementing it as we speak!

Your are a wonderful inspiration!

April Morganroth

Your WPPI presentation was awesome! I think I had 11+ pages of notes :) Thanks for teaching and sharing and encouraging!

Rebecca Quintero Pierce